Who accepts OET for doctors?

Generally, In Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Dubai, Namibia, Ukraine, and Singapore, the OET is considered as proof of English language competency.

OET for Ukraine

OET for Spain


OET for Singapore

Why OET for doctors?

By taking the OET, you will verify that you have a sufficient command of English even while learning the type of language you would encounter daily at work. So that, but healthcare experts choose OET because:

Therefore, the OET employs real-life healthcare scenarios to help you feel more at ease on exam day.

Generally, OET is commonly accepted as proof of English competence for healthcare registration, study, job, and visas in several countries.  Under those circumstances,  see how OET can help you improve your language abilities so you can succeed in your work.

The OET Preparation Portal makes it simple to prepare for the test

OET grading Scale for medicine


Description of capability


This grade is determined by a numerical score of 450-500. This score and grade indicate that the candidate can communicate effectively and is fluent in English. Using suitable register tone and lexis, he/she may communicate fluently and effectively with both patients and healthcare professionals. The candidate has a strong command of both written and spoken English.

B It comprises scores ranging from 350 to 440. This grade and score demonstrate then the applicant can successfully communicate with patients and healthcare professionals.  This demonstrates a high level of comprehension in a variety of therapeutic settings.
C+ & C Furthermore, People who receive grades of 300-340 receive a C+, whereas those who receive grades of 200-290 receive a C. This indicates that despite occasional errors and lapses, the applicant can retain contact in a relevant healthcare context. The applicant communicates in a standard manner that is common in their field of specialty.

It ranges from 100 to 190 points. This indicates that the applicant can maintain some contact and grasp basic information in his or her field of expertise, but that he or she may seek clarification. Inaccuracies may occur often, and the misuse or abuse of technical terms can strain communication.


 Hence, This is the grade awarded to the applicant who received a score of 0-90. This demonstrates that the applicant can handle easy interactions on well-known themes and comprehend the key idea in brief and simple texts. He or she could seek clarification on a regular basis.