OET Preparation for Nurses in Nepal

OET preparation for Nurse

What is OET? What is OET for nurses?

OET for Nurse

Presently, OET is an English language test specially prepared for healthcare professionals. It evaluates the healthcare workers’ communication skills to register and practice their experience further in a particular country. The English Test is usually composed of four skills. i.e.; Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.

 On other hand, Internationally trained Registered Nurses who are willing to register themselves as Registered Nurse abroad are required to take the English proficiency test, which suffices the English language requirement to appear Registered Nurse License Exam for that particular country.

 Hence, The OET preparation for Nurses is the English Test which generally possesses the language drawn from the field of nursing. This makes OET speaking and writing easy for nurses.

Now let’s take a look at why OET is the best-suited English test for nurses. If you’re a nurse, taking the Occupational English Test can help you perform better on test days. Why? OET is designed globally as the first English test for nurses.

Why choose OET? Why OET for Nursing?

OET is preferred by healthcare professionals because it allows them to demonstrate that they have the appropriate level of English for work or study while also learning the type of language they would encounter on a daily work schedule. Healthcare organizations and regulators also prefer OET because it helps them in the selection of healthcare professionals with the appropriate level of English proficiency to provide safe and high-quality care in their fields. It is also estimated that 92% of candidates opt for OET since it is more relevant for them.

Let’s consider two scenarios in which a healthcare-specific test is preferable to a generic or academic test for nurses.

  • OET includes nursing vocabulary

OET is commonly accepted as proof of English competence for healthcare registration, study, and work, as well as visas in several countries. OET for nursing uses real-life healthcare scenarios which will help you feel more at ease on Occupation English Test exam day. Then, The OET exam is highly applicable to nursing professionals as it employs a common medical vocabulary that you’ll be comfortable with.

  • OET uses real healthcare scenarios

OET exam for nurses uses real healthcare scenarios in its exam. Unlike the other English tests, the OET preparation for nurse course uses real nursing healthcare situations. Hence,  Be it the OET writing component or the OET speaking component, the content will integrate with the questions being based on the nursing field.

OET Preparation for Nurses in Kathmandu

Here we can help you.

 OET Preparation Nepal is established to help healthcare professionals with their Occupational English Test exams. We are the only ISO Certified OET Preparation course provider in Kathmandu, Nepal. So, you are not alone. We are here to guide you throughout your journey.

We also assist our students by taking the Occupational English Test sample prior and then providing them with the guidance related to the OET course and OET exam required to improve their level of English.

All our instructors are OET Certified Medical Doctors who are working in hospitals as well as teaching our students. They have years of experience in guiding our students. They will support you unconditionally throughout your time here in the institute. This also provides our students with the opportunity to boost their knowledge required in the medical field.

You can get enroll in OET Preparation for nurse course either physically or virtually as per your requirement. The institute will supply course materials required for OET preparation. Despite teaching hours, OET Preparation Nepal also provides a complimentary weekly mock test for the students.

As per our previous OET results for UK nurses 2021, we have a high success rate of students excelling in their OET exams.

 Therefore, We facilitate our students with comfortable study rooms maintaining a positive learning environment. If you are an outsider or looking for a nearby place from the institute, then we can also guide you with the hostel facilities.

OET Preparation for Nurse Exam Components

 Secondly, The Reading sub-test is divided into three sections with a total of 42 questions. It takes 60 minutes to complete all three segments. The topics are of generic healthcare interest.

  • OET Reading Structure:

Part A: Expeditious Reading Task (15 minutes)

In this part, you have to answer 20 questions. These questions are made up of matching, sentence completion, and short answer questions. You will be required to complete these questions in the allotted time frame from four short texts quickly and efficiently.

Part B and C: Careful Reading Task (45 minutes)

Part B will test your ability to recognize the main point, substance, or detail of six brief texts derived from the healthcare workplace (100-150 words each). Extracts from policy documents, hospital rules, manuals, or internal communications, such as emails or memos, could be found in the texts. There is one three-option multiple-choice question for each text.

In addition, Part C will test your ability to interpret the complex meaning and express an opinion in two texts about themes of interest to healthcare professionals (800 words each). You must answer eight four-option multiple-choice questions for each text.

  • OET Reading Sample for Nurses

You may go through the OET Reading Sample Pdf for Nurses.

  • OET Reading Material for Nurses

The OET Reading Material for Nurses is available from the institute itself.

  • OET Reading Preparation for Nurses

For the preparation of OET Reading for nurses, you are introduced to the best practice done till now. The additional tips and tricks shall also be provided by our well-experienced tutors.

The Speaking sub-test is delivered individually and lasts about 20 minutes. This section of OET uses materials that are especially co-related with your profession. In each role-play, you play a patient or a client while the interlocutor plays a patient, a client, or a patient’s relative.

  • OET Speaking Structure

The interlocutor verifies your name and profession in each Speaking test, and there is a short introduction to talk about your professional background.  Moreover, The role-plays are then introduced one by one, with three minutes for each to prepare. Each role-play lasts roughly five minutes.

  • OET Speaking Sample for Nurses

You may go through the OET Speaking Sample of Role-Play videos for Nurses. This will surely help you in making you confident on your OET Test day.

  • OET Speaking Preparation for Nurses

For the preparation of OET Speaking for nurses, our experienced tutors will train you thoroughly in improving your speaking skills.

The Writing sub-test is a 45-minute profession-specific writing test. The task is based on the workplace scenario and the demands of the profession.

  • OET Writing Structure

OET Writing for nurses consists of the task generally to write a letter. The topic of the letter is usually either writing a letter to the patient or a doctor. However, the topic will be based on the medical field only.

  • OET Writing Sample for Nurses

Duration of the OET sample and OET mock tests will be available to you itself during your learning. This will assist you in improving your writing skills in English.

  • OET Writing Preparation for Nurses

 Generally, The OET nursing writing tips will introduce thoroughly during the study hours. Along with the task instructions and preparation, you will receive stimulus material (case notes and/or other related documentation) which includes information to use in your response.

The Listening sub-test is divided into three sections and has a total of 42 question questions. The contents are of general interest in healthcare and are open to candidates of all professions. The Listening audio is approximately 40 minutes long, including recorded voice and pauses to allow you to type your responses. You will be expected to write down your answers while listening. Each recording is playing one time

  • OET Listening Structure

Part A: Selections from the consultation (about 5 minutes each)

This part will evaluate your ability to pick up on specific details during a consultation. You will listen to two recorded health professional-patient consultations and use the information you hear to complete the health professional’s notes.

Part B: Selections from the workplace (about 1 minute each)

This part will evaluate your ability to recognize the specifics, substance, viewpoint, or purpose of short selections from the healthcare workplace. You’ll listen to six audio selections (for example, team briefings, handovers, or health professional-patient interactions) and complete one multiple-choice question for each selection.

Part C: Extracts from the presentations (about 5 minutes each)

This part will evaluate your ability to follow along with a recorded presentation or interview on a range of healthcare topics. Y Generally, ou will hear two separate samples and then complete six multiple-choice questions for each of the samples.

  • OET Listening Sample for Nurses

The OET listening samples are available to you itself during your learning duration. Especially, This will assist you in preparing for your OET listening test.

  • OET Listening Preparation for Nurses

For the preparation of OET Listening for nurses, our experienced tutors will train you thoroughly in improving your listening skills.

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